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Who We Are !

We are a Massachusetts based Corporation and aggregators of medical devices across U.S

We are here to assist the public service communities, including the Emergency Medical Services, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, Physicians Offices, and Military with their administration of emergency care by providing quality emergency medical supplies and equipment at affordable prices, with fast delivery, and outstanding customer service!

We offer a full line of emergency medical equipment and supplies for the pre-hospital care environment and strive to bring new and innovative emergency medical products at the best prices to you, our valued customers.

And trying to connect individual buyers between manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to get the best price, best quality and quantity in USA.

What We Offer

Face Mask

N95 NIOSH Mask



Hand Sanitizer

Disinfecting Wipes & spray

Face Shields

PPE Kits

What We Stand For

FDA Approved
Made in U.S.A
Connecting Clients
Medical supplies

We are working with hundreds of Large Corporations, Governments and Healthcare Networks globally

Global Network of Manufacturers & Logistics companies

Our deep experience in providing emergency deliveries of PPE products and medical equipment is supported by our exclusive arrangements with dozens of the world’s largest manufacturers of PPE products and medical equipment from India, Vietnam and Japan.

Top Quality and Attractive Pricing with Certifications

Our global network of pre-vetted and authorized manufacturers, ensure smooth ordering and deliveries of genuine products that are compliant with international quality standards like US FDA, European CE and Chinese CFDA. We ensure the most attractive pricing for all products as we work directly with manufacturers.

Flexible Payment Methods and Payment Terms

We don’t want you to worry about how and when to pay us. Choose from our flexible payment methods - you can pay by Wire Transfer, Letter of Credit or Escrow. We also provide the most wide range of payment terms ranging from Net 0, Net 7, Net 30, Net 60 to even Net 180.

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We are a Massachusetts based Corporation and aggregators of medical devices across U.S.

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We are a Massachusetts based Corporation and aggregators of medical devices across U.S.

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